What Does The Average Wedding Ring Weigh?

diamond ring costsWhy the need to know what the average wedding ring or band weighs?

Is knowing the weight of an average wedding ring or wedding band really that important these days? I guess the jewelry industry has changed, and that jewelry retailers are offering to charge by weight.

That way, a size 8 wedding ring will be less expensive than a size 9. We can pay for meat, fish and produce by the pound, so why not pay for wedding rings based upon what they weigh?

With a plain wedding ring, I guess it makes sense. There’s not as much labor involved – just cutting, polishing and sizing (or applying a finish). But is the weight of a wedding ring that important when you buy a designed band with a braiding or engraving?

Or even diamonds? A ring that’s designed has a lot more intensive labor, and that labor is part of the cost associated with a wedding ring.

Diamond rings could have the additional weight of the diamonds, so that may through pricing of a bit if basing a price by the weight of the piece. Keep this in mind – not all wedding rings are created in the same way.

Different companies have different manufacturing methods. Some cut their wedding rings from extruded tubing (just like cookies from a roll of dough). Others use molds to cast their designs. A few jewelry manufacturers use a variety of methods.

Many even import their jewelry from overseas and are really resellers. So unless it’s a plain wedding ring that has caught your eye, the weight to the ring may not be as important as you think, although the more weight the ring has, then the more expensive it will be.

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