Pear Shape Diamonds

pear shaped diamond rings

This diamond shape combines the best of round brilliant cut diamonds and marquise cut diamonds. It is the hybrid shape that looks like a sparkling teardrop. Because of this teardrop shape, it will be commonly used in earrings and pendants.

That said, pear shaped diamonds are also a good choice in a ring as well. When set into a ring with the pointed end towards the fingernails, it provides a slenderizing effect for the fingers…. and that’s always a good thing!

Some of the world’s largest and most famous diamonds are pear shaped diamonds. The 203 ct. De Beers Millennium Star, is flawless pear diamond tha took 3 years to be planned out and cut. Also, a 69.42ct. pear diamond called the Taylor-Burton” made history in 1972 when it was presented by Richard Burton to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor on her 40th birthday.

For pear shape diamonds, the length to width ratio should be between 1.45 – 1.70 to 1…. with 1.60 to 1 being the most pleasing. Some people prefer longer and thinner diamonds while some others prefer the shorter and fatter appearances. There are really no hard and fast rules here because preferences are subjective.

– Important Take Away Points –

#1- With pear cuts, there is an increased likelihood of having a “bow tie” effect. This is a dark area in the shape of a bow tie that occurs when the alignment and angles of the facets are not at their optimum. This facet misalignment can detract from the brilliance and the overall attractiveness.

Beyond 4Cs has a great article that discusses the cut quality of pear shapes here. I encourage you to read it to gain a better understanding of this fancy cut.

#2- The pointed end of pear diamonds can present durability problems. A slightly thick to thick girdle should give the diamond enough strength especially if it is to be worn in a ring. Make sure you look out for this in the grading report.

Pear diamonds with very thick to extremely thick girdle can cause difficulty during setting and it also hides the weight below the girdle where you cannot see it (this is excessive weight that you are paying for!).