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how to buy diamondsWelcome to Which Diamonds. We have collected a store of information on diamonds and gem stones to aid you in knowing about your engagement ring, diamond ring or any gem stone jewelry. This information is presented as diamonds and gems.

While diamonds are gem stones, the importance of diamonds to the jewelry market has encouraged us to consider diamonds by themselves. In addition to our information, we also have a jewelry store where you can buy your engagement ring, diamond ring , loose diamonds or gem stone jewelry.

About Your Engagement Ring

To most people the engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry. It is in a way the most precious ring for the most precious person in our lives.

For this reason the engagement ring is usually a ring with the most precious of gem stones, diamonds. Using diamonds in an engagement ring is more a fashion trend in preference to a tradition. Other precious gems, sapphires and rubies, are starting to appear in engagement rings.

If you are looking at buying an engagement ring, there are a few basic considerations. Your engagement ring needs to be practical for everyday wear. It needs to hold its diamonds or gem stones securely and it needs to appeal to you.

A practical engagement ring really relates to what sort of lifestyle you lead. If you have a lifestyle where the ring may catch on things, then a low set ring is better than a high set ring. If your ring is likely to contact abrasive items regularly, then the band construction is important.

Platinum is stronger than gold and will wear better for contact with abrasives. The ring needs to firmly hold its diamonds or gem stones, no one likes to loose stones from their ring.

A bezel setting is stronger than claws, and six claws are better than four claws. The most important element in selecting an engagement ring is what looks good to you.

Take your time in selecting your engagement ring, after all it is one piece of jewelry that you will have for a long time.

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